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    Sanjay Rath

    1) Not clear on timing of marriage?

    2) Also, how can we say with reasonable certainty of number of marriages or such relationships and Divorce or Separation?


    Sanjay Rath

    Dasha has really not been taught, and thats why you are not clear about timing. May I suggest two steps –

    (a) Get the recordings of Vimshottari dasha which was taught in San Francisco, USA in 2017

    (b) Study Dr. B.V.Raman’s How to Judge a horoscope with some examples. Make bullet point of the steps he has outlined.

    In this manner you will develop some expertise in timing the events.


    About number of marriages. There are a number of methods.

    1. Graha in the 7th bhava shows the marriage(s) that one has to experience in this life. Check both Rasi and navamsa. Graha aspecting 7H show those who desire to marry the native. Graha having ATR/RTA or 7H will push towards marriage
    2. Vivaha starts from Upapada and will end with nodal axis
    3. Check Navamsa for nodal axis as well
    4. Check navamsa from association between 8H and 12H (One marriage), 3H+12H (2 Marriage) etc.
Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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