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    Sanjay Rath

    We have been given list of D9 Dangerous Relationships of 2 planets together; but what happens if those dangerous planets are more than 2 planets like Jupiter, Saturn, and Rahu in 7th House in D9 and Jupiter and/or Saturn is Exalted and RETROGRDE with Rahu. PLEASE explain. Does the dangers of GuruChandal or Shani-Rahu still apply?


    Sanjay Rath

    Saravali has given details of combinations of planets. Please study the effetc of 3, 4 or more from Saravali of Kalyana Verma or from Hora Sara of Prythyusus.

    The effects outlined in the lessons using two planets at a time are very much applicable. We suggets you take the planets 2 at a time and list the effects and then see which is strongest. Stronger planets dominate in their effects while weaker ones will have little or no say


    Sanjay Rath

    Pragnya Surati Question: Would the same Dangerous D9 Combinations in QUESTION 5 also apply to D3J since they are calculated in a similar way?


    Sanjay Rath

    Not so much as D3 itself for siblings or D10 for colleagues in office, D7 for children and so on. These principle combinations will work all the time

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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