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    Sanjay Rath

    What is the meaning of taking each Graha from D9 to D1 when each Graha ends up being in MKS in D1 when we do RTA or ATR? How is the result different for individual MKS Graha in D1 when taken from D9?


    Sanjay Rath

    MKS simply means something is dying or going to go away, like a loss or destruction. Here is an example.

    Count from Rahu in Rasi (Cp) to Navamsa (Ar) = 4H, property etc.

    Again Rahu in Navamsa (Ar) to Rasi (Cp) = 10H, Career, Work.

    Rahu is in 9H in MKS but conjoins Mo, Sa. Therefore in Rahu dasa he will have Rajayoga of Saturn in Cp whereas in Saturn dasa he will suffer MKS effect of Rahu

    In particular, loss of all properties including paternal inheritance etc. as MKS effect of Rahu is very strong on 4H due to ATR/RTA effect.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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