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    The Native’s wife expired due to blood cancer within 6 months of marriage. The native’s mother suffered from a paralysis attack after this incident. The native again had a engagement with a girl after two years of this incident, which also broke and was unable to fructify into marriage.

    Birth Details: September 25, 1988 Time 8:18 pm IST, Place Allahabad (Uttar Pradesh, India 81E 51′, 25N 27′)

    The Native is Mesha Lagna (Rasi) Jup (R) 2nd house, Venus 4th House Ketu 5th House Sun 6th House Mercury 7th House Saturn 9th House Rahu 11th House and Moon Mars in 12th House.
    AL 11th House, UL 4th House with A8.
    Navamsa Lagna Ali, Venus in Kumbha (4h), Jupiter conjoined Saturn in 6th House.

    The first conclusion that can directly be drawn that the native will suffer in marriage as he has Ali rising in navamsa and Venus in Kumbha Rasi showing that it will be taken away.
    Coming back to Rasi the depositor of Venus and UL has gone to 12 house of loss and conjoined Mangal (Functional Debility) and Rahu is aspecting Moon thereby forming a curse on Moon. The wife suffered from blood cancer, followed by suffering of mother (Paralysis and Trauma)
    Venus is also blocked by three malefic in 5th and 6th houses, with Rahu in the 8th House.
    Ul is also in 6th from AL and 2nd house from UL which is supposed to sustain is has Ketu showing some mistake.

    Coming to Second relationship (Love affair ending in broken engagement) which will come from 2nd house in Navamsa and 2nd House from Venus in Rasi. In Navamsa 2nd Lord has gone to 6th house (Forced Celibacy) and conjoined Saturn. Thereby indicating 2nd relationship breakage too.

    The question that lingers my mind is that should the native be advised to be married again (3rd relationship) or he should stay a bachelor for the rest of life.

    PS: Please correct if any observations are wrong.



    Further Mars (8L) is also aspecting the 7th house. Mercury as 6th lord is also in 7th House as Guru Ji taught. Rahus as badhakesh is also aspecting 7th house.
    Was there black magic? If i can remember correctly 6th Lord in 7th house is one of the conditions for it. If badhakesh has any association to 6th house then someone will try to destroy the marriage.

    Second important question is since Rahu is Badhak rasi, and aspects moon, then will the Sarpa Badha of lower serpents (which is said to be of very evil nature and destructive) manifest. If yes does the sarpa bali pooja will help?


    Sanjay Rath

    I have one question. Was the first wife pregnant at the time of death?


    Sanjay Rath

    Examine the yogas of dusthana with 7H in Rasi chart first
    1. 6L Me in MKS in 7H drsti 8L Ma in 12H (mangalik from Lag and Mo)
    2. 7L Ve is in digbala, but dispositor Mo is in 12H in Rudra yoga with 8L Mars
    Rudra yoga is Rudhira dosha is Ven or Mar is with Mo (blood)


    Sanjay Rath

    Just one last thing …is it Tithi Gandanta? If so he should forget marriage



    Om Gurave Namah
    Guru Ji, Jamna tithi is Poornima.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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